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Worthiness and Trust

Grand Rising everyone and many blessings to each of you who have arrived at this moment when humanity is being tested to trust.

Worthiness is a funny word that expresses many aspects of our human experience seemingly vanishing before our eyes.

It expresses ability, quality, value, dignity, and an ability to be trusted.

A Saying From A Course In Miracles card reads;

It will be given you to see your brother’s worth when all you want for him is peace. And what you want for him you will receive. T,435

This was my message today to remind me that our peace comes from within rather than because of what others can do for us.

Each of us is presently in a state of mixed emotions regarding our global distortion.

A distortion that is being projected by a lack of trust is being generated at many different levels of our biogenetic structure.

How or why this is happening can be looked at from many different points of focus; however, our awareness of it gives us the power over it.

When we feel worthy, the body responds in a healthy and more cohesive manner to everything we encounter in our daily lives. Worthiness is a wall that blocks the fear that scatters all inner connections needed to create trust.

When we have a lack of trust, we become more vulnerable to dis-ease in all its many forms.

Locating where our trust is failing and seeing it as one of several root causes for our physical and emotional unwellness allows us to know the cause of our feeling unworthy.

The energetic cycle between trust and worthiness weakens our immune system, making us very vulnerable emotionally and physically.

I ask everyone to become more aware of what is affecting you in a negative way and make a commitment to finding its root cause. Many will find that it may be more emotional than they expect and something that has been blocked by a fear of revealing it for many years.

All of us have endured trauma in many forms and buried our feelings deep within our physical networking system. However, these traumas are being released with or without our conscious permission as they are the underlying energy of the distortion which keeps us repeating them unconsciously.

The way to collectively evolve is by returning our minds to a place of remembering without pain or suffering from within. Then we can rationally deal with what is happening outside of our body’s energetic field.

Healing by regaining our worthiness and trust is an inside job, and we have always been the best medicine for that by seeing beautiful and healed self in each other and treating them with the respect and kindness that Trust and Worthiness are nurtured with.

We are incredible beings created not to control or be controlled by anyone or anything.

Harmony and Balance are expressed in the original blueprint; let us restore it in ourselves, and the external world will respond in kind.

We are much more powerful than we have ever been allowed to know, and we are not a commodity.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.10.21