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Christmas Eve Day 2021

The Magi are coming and bearing gifts to each of us as the world awaits the birth of a New Light.

A story that has offered all of us a message of both expectation and joy.
Of course it is the promise of being saved from what we perceive.

What are each of you perceiving right now?

Many of us are now separated from friends and members of our own families by a virus which has caused not only illness and death but a question of belief that destroys our ability to be loving and kind to each other.

Yet during all of this we have another opportunity to choose something different for ourselves.

Yes, Christmas has been a turning point in many people’s lives where they chose something different for themselves in moments of great despair.
It is not as much a belief in religion as it is a belief in something that has the power to change everything in a moment.

The stories of Jesus are powerful as a healer and a person of compassion for those who were suffering, and he was recognized and visited as an infant.

The story tells us of the power within us that each of us have and brings about what many of us label as miracles.

Each of you can have miracles happen in your life as well.
They are not MAGIc they are gifts from our within Divine Selves that we have been told we are not for thousands of years.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.24.21