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Standing In Love

Each of us is an abundance of Love
that constantly flows through our body

Keeping us connected to each other
creating both empathy and compassion

In times of global discord, we are all called
to reach deeply into ourselves and be quiet

Listening for the gift of Love to rise within

It is our most important purpose in life
to share this Love with all who are in distress

As if we are offering and watering a field of flowers

For each of us are a delicate flowering being
that has so much beauty and kindness to share

Without any hesitation or concern

May we remember how Love feels when received
especially when least expected or not asked for

May Our Love reach all our human family
and serve to change their thinking to wholeness

We are here now to Stand for and send that Love
reminding them that we are all ‘One’ Earth Family

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.3.22
Written for the Global Heart Team