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Collective Suffering or Peace

Blessings to all as we slowly move forward in our evolution and witness the destruction of the many principles of collective communion with nature and each other.

Each of us is witnessing many things that create inner stress, which is hard to define as it morphs into many disturbing emotional aspects.

The entire world is experiencing this simultaneously as a viral pandemic that we have dealt with for the last two years.

The pandemic of fear is now destroying lives and the structure of civilization in a violent and seemingly planned way.

We all express many more moments of deep inner questioning and depression than ever before, and our children are being drawn into an online world. That is as dangerous for our future as the collapse of our present one.

Enough of the suffering part as we are all very aware of it and are coping with it as best we can.

Let us focus on Collective Peace, in which we take a responsible attitude and become more involved in resolving our emotional roller coaster ride.

Many of us have unknowingly let others influence our minds with disturbing information to create confusion intentionally. So, we need to re-establish who we are as compassionate beings who all seek to love or be loved.

Perhaps we need to re-invent ourselves as we learn about the habits we have that are not only harmful to ourselves but for everyone around us as well.

Let us dive deep into what gives us a sense of joy and calms the mind when all the crises around us overstimulate us.

Know from within your heart that you always could choose to be loving and kind, for this is our natural state of being. And unless there are medical or psychological reasons to be otherwise, we are just being influenced by the energies around us or directed at us.

Anxiety and depression are becoming manufactured products that create confusion within our brains. It is now imperative that we find ways to become naturally calm within our bodies again.

If there was ever a more dangerous World War happening, it is now, and it is to enslave our minds. The horrors and helplessness we are witnessing and experiencing is not a fiction story that we read about years ago.

It is happening right now, and we are the powerful hope of future generations.

Focus on the moment and bring yourself into balance.

When we are calm, we can visualize a better future.

When we gather in unity, we create a larger field of positive energy that helps us to remain focused.

There is always a pain to remind us to avoid something, not in our best interest. The more significant issue is, do we take heed and find a way to prevent it or continue to try to create armor to protect ourselves from our past emotional distress.

Below is a message that encourages us to look within ourselves and reminds us that we are not hopeless or helpless.

Upgrade your personality Eric R. Maisel PhD reviewed by Matt Huston

“You may not be the person you would like to be. You may be angrier than you would like to be, more impulsive, more scattered, more self-sabotaging, more undisciplined, more frightened. If so, you require a personality upgrade, which of course only you can supply. You choose a feature of your personality you would like to upgrade, and then you ask yourself, what thoughts align with this intention and what actions align with this intention? Then you think the appropriate thoughts and take the necessary action. In this way you become the person capable of reducing your emotional distress.”

Blessings to All as we move forward and inward in our evolution.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.18.22