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Welcome to April and Spring – Show Notes

It is the time in our earthly cycles which represents rebirthing, transformation, blooming or flourishing.

This April begins with a new moon that allows us to embrace the darkness and realign within our beingness.

Many think that this darkness is very challenging, yet it is where everything has an opportunity to be reborn.

The meaning of April is “to open”, and as we think of the flowers that burst through the soil to reach the warmth of the Sun’s Light and so too, we follow that same natural rhythm.

Each is desiring the energy of love, balance, and harmony.

Each desires to be appreciated and admired.

Let’s pause for a few days as we enter Spring and contemplate what we might like to change within us as we reach out for the Light that will make us stronger and stand up to the strong winds and rain of our future.

It is a time to depend on our roots to keep us grounded as we seek deep within us the strength and commitment to offer beauty to the world around us.

We each are seeking the Truth of our magnificence in an environment that is wasting away from neglect. Yet, our magnificence is right there and around us as we rise from the darkness. We are Alive.

Each of us has gifts to offer that will bring forth healing energy in others—the healing of our emotional darkness.

It is a time of renewal and calling forth the Light so that we can embrace joy again.

The world around us responds to our energies, and the more will allow the Light to enter our Hearts, the stronger the energetic vibration becomes to reach those suffering.

It is an excellent time to reflect on where you want to be in this re-gathering of caring souls.

It is also a time for a change from pleasing everyone around you to living your life from deep within your heart.

Humanity has taken many wrong turns in its evolutionary path, and they are slowly becoming unavailable. So it is time once again to Trust your Self.

1 It is the right time, and it is best the season to listen to your heart and feel yourself knowing that the brain chatter is now in need of a good cleansing.

2 Recognize that living in the future depends on your very simple choices at this moment.

3 Trusting yourself brings you to the Truth within yourself, and from there, all positive change occurs.

“It’s the time of the season for loving” – Time Of The Season – The Zombies 1967

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.1.22