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Spiritual Endurance

Spiritual Endurance was the message I was given this morning as I awoke and asked what I would talk about today.

Personally, I never thought about it much, yet I found that it has been a prevalent pattern and a part of my life without direct focus or awareness.

Today being Good Friday, it is a perfect topic for everyone to take a deep look within themselves and reflect on their inner abilities to endure all suffering encountered in their own lives.

Our heart is the container of our deepest thoughts and loving intentions, yet our deepest fear is also held within it. It is our collective central intelligence where our relationship to everyone we meet as well as our spiritual self originates and deals with living as humans.

Our humanity has a problem with relationships, not our hearts. But unfortunately, our society is governed by our minds which can be controlled and led to believe many things that will serve others and deny us the joy of our True Presence.

It is this True Presence that Jesus taught to everyone he encountered and which also became his final teaching.

As a child, I was always afraid of the bloody Jesus I walked under in the church I went to every Sunday. The only kindness I felt was from a Margaretan Nun who would bring me to church at the request of my aunt as my parents had chosen to worship alcohol.

Spiritual endurance is sometimes like a roller coaster ride, especially as we look back over many years of life, especially as we look at the world today. The collective of humanity is now suffering from a false faith in materialism, and it cannot see the self-deceit that falsely appears as a solution to their emptiness.

We are now being called home to our hearts and asked to push ourselves forward as the spiritual beings we have always been. Trusting ourselves enough to remember that resurrection is possible for us all without physical death.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.15.22