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Show Notes…

New Moon Eclipse 2022 and You

The cycles of our solar system are once again calling us to move inward and use our energy to focus on healing ourselves by diving deeper into our creativity and expanding spiritually.

We are being asked and guided to co-create a more stable field of normality that will awaken all humans at the gateway of their Divine Evolution.

The big questions that arise within us are not to be feared; they are to be welcomed and embraced with a ceremony related to the seasonal change we are moving into.

Our ancestors celebrated yearly cycles and movements of the Sun and Moon to reflect on their future and prepare themselves for the changes that were about to happen within the weather cycles.

They were gathering in nature and would watch, listen, and feel the energies of the natural elements for answers to their physical survival and their emotional tolerance to changes beyond their ability to control.

Our remembrance brings us home to this moment as our past traumas get triggered and move into our conscious awareness. A very unpleasant awakening that creates both emotional and physical pain and suffering, many times without any warning.

We are not as independent from Mother Earth as we have been told and need to re-establish a new relationship with her living, energetic presence and her galactic relationship.

Let us make time to be more focused on how we can ecologically simplify our lives so that it restores natural balance – both around us and within us.

Looking more deeply at our collective behavior as humans and genuinely seeing the self-destructive patterns we have created to have power and control is what we call freedom.

Let us take the gifts of our many differences and re-establish harmony and balance rather than death and suffering.

Let us dive deeper into our Highest Heart Self and commit to elevating our consciousness into the new dimensional awareness, which is beyond the ability of humans to destroy.

Remember who you are within your hearts and allow that Light Energy to shine forever forward.

The eclipse of our heart no longer has the power to restrain us.

We are free to shine forever in our full magnificence and presence once again.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.29.22