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Processing Personal Heart & Collective Pain

Our world is suffering on many levels
creating within each of us an open wound
that activates painful energy within our hearts

Thus, it results in appalling human behavior.
which is beyond the realms of comprehension
for many who have experienced profound trauma

It is a collective pain in each of us who are victims
some are having more pain and suffering than others
and most are not able to recognize it before reacting to it

Let us learn that the subconscious mind is a hard drive
that collects and stores all information transmitted daily
through our silent but powerful neural network

All of which could not be understood as children
and which was harmful to us and buried deeply
then not released for many years until triggered

Each of us now is having it trickle into the mind.
creating an overwhelming experience
that makes a need to release it forever

For ourselves, our ancestors, and the future generations.

Written for the Global Heart Team
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.26.22