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This morning I was offered a blank space to take a look into the future. I was hoping to receive a message that was as powerful as the latest Sunspot eruption.

What transpired was very different as it appeared as a blank page and a space older than the stars that would gently appear in it.

The message is that each of our lives through this current of confusion is a release of our past collective trauma of all kinds.

It reminds me that as a child in the 50s, I had a View-master photo viewer, which took me into outer space through the asteroid belt.

We have to move beyond it to see the true wonder of what is in our future.

We are each asked to shift our conscious awareness to levels beyond all the visible obstructions.

Focusing on a future of harmony and balance and removing what keeps us tethered to the past is essential.

This focus requires a great deal of energy which is now being affected and infected with negativity from many sources.

The message to me was to keep letting go of all that will not resonate with positive energy.

The actual beings we are will not let us fail in our evolutionary process no matter what happens.

We are in a collective movement, not just an individual one. Already completed in the future, many of us are already tapping into it.

Let us begin to reverse our thinking.

We are in the future, safe and sound and washing away all of our negative past in the River of Light and Love.

Keep trusting that inner self that guides you through positive synchronicities and enjoy those moments as green lights in dense traffic.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.24.22