Transfiguration of Our Personal Heart

As we gently focus on our Heart
we think of it as a physical part of our body

Yet it is also a highly efficient generator of energy
which, when finely tuned, will become a field of creation
we begin to live in harmony and balance, truly

Love, Grace, and Praise create a balanced field
from which our emotions begin to harmonize gently

Our Feminine and Masculine imbalances return to wholeness
and the distortions of our attitudes become no longer able
to direct us away from loving kindness and joy

At this moment, we are receiving an awakening
that is beyond our brain’s hostile thinking program

All of this will tend not to make sense as it happens
although it is preparing us to trust our hearts
in all decisions, especially when the brain is frozen solid

Our Hearts are the Fire of creation, not destruction
although we have all felt it frozen beyond the ability to melt

We are now turning up the heat that comes from Pure Love
and learning to transfigure all of humanity beyond its imagining

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.18.22
Written for Global Heart Team