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World Peace, Love, and Light

Let us take a few moments to pause
and to let go of all our frustrations

Let us melt into our deepest self
which has no form or agenda

Here in this stillness, there is only a heartbeat.
offering its unique rhythmic beating for us to feel

It is here in this unified field of our living presence
that World Peace will arise for all to remember

There are no words, no distractions, and no judgment
to interfere with the gentle and magnificent pulsing

Our Heart is what sings the songs of Light and Love
that shift the human consciousness from violence to Peace

The Peace that passes all understanding
The Peace which unites all humans without fear

The Peace that is the True Wealth of all Humanity

Wealth ~ We-al-th
We All Thrive

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9.22.22
Written for Global Heart Team