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SHOW NOTES – Building A Sanctuary Within9.9.22

As I awaken on my weekly Humanity Healing talk mornings, I ask for a word for the day. One that people will relate to around the world.

Today’s word was ‘Sanctuary.’

A safe place to rest came to mind as I thought about the Harvest Moon energy that is now my bringing attention to the future and the many changes we will emotionally move through, not only witness.

The Queen of the British Empire has left her body, and an era of devoted leadership will only remain as a legend.

May we all now take the time to look inside ourselves for our legendry.

The Full Moon will assist us as it shines its Light Energy into the Water of our hearts.

It is there within Our Hearts that all positive changes will be initiated as we leave the old ways that no longer create peace and harmony behind us.

Each of us is to imagine and create a sanctuary within that rebalances Our Hearts and the human brain. I say, ‘Our Heart,’ not only as individuals yet also as the Collective Heart of All Humanity.

It is a critical transition point in the collective evolution of Mother Earth and all of Her children.

As humans living here today, we are to lead the way for future generations by example—an example of loving-kindness, patience, and open-hearted willingness.

This Moon allows us to see into the future and co-create an overwhelming desire to become whole again. To rebuild relationships that heal all past and future relationships with our ancestors.

Let us begin to create that Sanctuary within our Hearts and rebuild the original Human Neural Network of Peace, Light, and Love.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9.9.22