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The Convergence or Separation of Love

The two words of today’s title stirred my brain and began with convergence.

In Nature, I see it as two or more rivers coming together in Unity and flowing to the Mother Ocean as a Unified Field of Water without pain or suffering.

I questioned this process in Nature; both systems have beneficial attributes for the environment through which they pass and more unique offerings to Mother Ocean.

However, within our human brain, the rivers of thought struggle to agree and enhance each other for the more significant benefit of our Physical being.

Almost three years of long-term Covid have allowed me to follow how the brain gets blocked and floods while my Heart continues to flow even when erratic.

The energy of Love is constantly flowing, yet the receivers and broadcasters of it in the brain struggle to identify it and send it on.

Within and without, the process is the same.

We can converge and flow with Ease and Grace, or we can separate, struggle, and suffer.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.4.22