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A Long Changing Moment

Each of us is in another process of personal and collective change, each moment inviting new ways of adapting to the unknown and slowly forming future.

Everyone is changing as a part of our evolving collective consciousness. We call humanity.

Many are suffering due to beliefs that no longer align with who they are now.

Be kind to yourself and honor what is not yet revealed to you as a gift you are being given, not a struggle to hold onto what no longer has alignment with your newness. ~Riverman 8.26.19

I was reminded this morning of Bob Dylan’s song The Times, They Are A-Changin’ from 1964.

Fifty-nine years later, we are still in the process of evolving our collective consciousness.

Over 9 billion dollars is now being spent in the U.S. on current elections, and the suffering of food-insecure citizens remains at more than 28 million people, of which 12 million are children.

The only change we can really focus on is within our hearts.

Our Heart is the energy center of all our physical and mental actions. The change we are seeking is within us and will affect everything around us.

The words ‘Our Heart’ are singular and collective and cannot be separated except by fear. It is the energy of fear that creates distortion and dangerous behavior in all land and sea animals and humans.

It is an innate alarm system that tells us we are in a dangerous or life-threatening situation. In our biofield, its energy is viral and impulsive. It has effects that trigger emotional disorders causing multiple reactions which can become very disabling.

Here is where we need to find ways to create Changing Moments, first by acknowledging fear and then regulating our breathing. After that, meditation is encouraged, whether with music or repetitive speaking of a positive affirmation, until calmness returns.

As someone shared… “fear” is not a noun but the acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

Repetition is our long-changing moment, and we begin feeling peaceful and self-worth.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.28.22