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This morning the word imagine captured my attention in a very peaceful way. Triggered by

“Whatever I Can Imagine, the Universe Can Deliver” – from the Ask and It Is Given Cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks

It has a peaceful energy of attraction that allows us to bring to our awareness all possibilities within any situation we may find ourselves.

“Whatever I Can Imagine, the Universe Can Deliver” Esther and Jerry Hicks

For thousands of years, false beliefs and information have blocked our ability to communicate with the unseen universe or our multi-dimensional self.

I remembered how John Lennon sang to us about a world where we might imagine being at peace, without separation, in which the whole of humanity would live “unattached to material possessions.”

Our world has changed dramatically since then, and we have become enslaved in ways we could never have imagined would happen.

Warned by many writers who informed us in their books, we looked at them as illusionary and allowed the corporate world to redesign how they present information.

When leadership becomes erratic, the result is confusion, and very soon, destructive behavior begins to increase.

Our physical bodies respond in many ways, and we might not understand why because it happens very slowly.

However, when we recognize that all information, we receive has an energetic frequency, we can begin to diminish its effect on our physical being.

If we don’t like the music we are listening to because it is emotionally disruptive, we change the channel or turn the source of it off.

We are now being called from within ourselves to become aware of the sources of our distress and do precisely that.

Imagine that you no longer need to be misled by information designed to create fear rather than understanding.

The ability to refuse what is no longer healthy for all of life on Mother Earth is a choice for everyone—the future generations, are those young minds who get targeted to follow Artificial Intelligence rather than trust their fantastic imagination.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.24.23