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Truth and Love or Denial – Show Notes

Two words which each of us hold up as powerful symbols that are sacred and yet we are sometimes challenged with them in our daily walk of life.

We are all given opportunities to experience them outside of our physical self, yet we can be fearful of them within.

Their opposites are always around us and can be seen and felt yet within us we have a great ability to move them into a seemingly safe place where they are hidden away.

This stuffing action is mostly autonomic which allows us to move on with our lives until something triggers them and their energies spread through our personal presence.

We then have to struggle with or try to run away from them and each of us know these feelings and their many forms.

I think these words arose in me today because of the St Patrick’s Day story of ridding Ireland of snakes. For this is much like snake behavior that strikes us without warning and if poisonous will end our lives in many ways.

I was called to open the Angel Blessings book written by Kimberly Marooney and is was #22 Manifesting Angel Amitiel – Truth

 Truth itself will assist in every way him who has gone forth in search of truth.. Matri Vani,Wisdom of Sri Anandamayi Ma

As we have entered into the gateway of a new paradigm Amitiel suggests that we begin to seek eternal truth where we resonate in harmony in our soul memory.

He is always willing 2 help us open our personal gateways in order to release the past trauma of not only our personal lives but our ancestral lives as well.

by seeking the truth within yourself you are directing your attention to a part of yourself yeah it is you’re creating center.

Here you will see that there is no darkness only light and you will receive love and healing

the feelings of darkness, lies, and misunderstanding will gradually subside and disappear as you embrace your true self that was hidden behind all of that

let us find our darkness, accept our denial, and receive all that we need that has always been there but hidden beneath our misunderstanding a pool we truly are and what power that we each individually have and even more so as a collective which when it comes together joined at the heart free of the past shines light upon everyone.

‘We are the ones we have been waiting for.’

Charlie Riverman Bergeron