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April Full Moon Blessings to everyone as the changes of the seasons have begun to shift our focus on everyday life.

These three words called to me this morning as a message of renewal.

MERCY – compassionate treatment of those in distress

COMPASSION – implies pity coupled with an urgent desire to aid or to spare

KINDNESS – loving-kindness as tender and benevolent affection

Definitions from Merriam-Webster.com

Each of these words describes renewal which is a word that offers many different possibilities for change. It is an opportunity to tap into a world of new potential, where our thoughts and actions can redefine how we communicate with each other and learn to live in unity once again.

Evolution is a constant process encompassing all aspects of advancing in ways that benefit the whole rather than the few. It is never held prisoner or encapsulated to halt its progression. If that were possible, we would not be having this conversation. Our future generations would not be preparing to bring forth their wisdom to rebalance what has been distorted or destroyed over the past centuries.

The month of April is one where dramatic change happens all over Mother Earth. From beneath the surface to the highest heights. So, as without, So within.

It is Spring, and you are taking plenty of time to observe all the changes in your future vision and desires for the next generations. Listen to the songs of the Elementals, which prepare for the next seasons of Summer and Winter.

Take time to release your worries, fears, and self-abusive behaviors.

Find ways to weave Mercy, Compassion, and Kindness into every moment.

Recognize when false prophets are leading you on the News Media.

Learn to understand when your negative thinking is triggered and release it peacefully.

Each of us has a vital role in nurturing and encouraging future generations to lead in halting past regulations that are harmful to all life.

Awaken to your Inner Divine Self that you have always been and shine brightly so that you may be seen and heard, especially by those ready to listen to words that unite, not separate us from each other.

We must co-create a New World of Harmony that does not mistrust its leaders, where Humanity becomes a commodity, like Mother Earth, Her Water, and Her Air.

As for Kindness, let us see our better selves in each other and strive to encourage and assist this magical energy to reach higher frequencies and be shared by our younger generations.

Blessings to each of you, as we have a lot of work to do together for our children and their generations to succeed and respect all life again.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.7.23