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Balanced Vibrational Energy

As each season begins, we can feel a shifting in our personal energies that is both physical and electromagnetic.
Both require our Heart, mind, and body to function within vibrational balance.

We are all Water-based beings that appear as solids, yet we cannot flow with ease and grace without fluidity.

The Heart is our active vortex which supports the vehicle of our body in more ways than we are consciously aware of at any given time.
Unless, of course, we sit still in meditation and tune into it.

Like the rivers and streams around us, our inner balance appears as a feeling of peacefulness when there is a gentle flow.
This gentle flow assists us in tuning in to our higher balanced self.

How does balance feel for you?
How does imbalance feel?

Not feeling balanced is the first signal our body sends as a reminder that our vibrational energy is not stable or is getting supercharged
from outside interference.

This supercharging trigger dysfunction within our neural and muscular systems and our organs.

As we move forward or spiral outward on our journey as humans, we need to awaken to the new technologies now being presented
for our use with more awareness of what they will do to the neural network of all living species.

Seek to find ways it is unbalanced and threatening our future generations.

Earth has been a commodity for ages.
Water is now a commodity.

Will Air be next?

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.14.23