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Loving Energy Video @ https://youtu.be/54Jp07agI9I


We have a more extraordinary ability to love one another than we understand.

We can silently send loving energy to everything, whether it be another human, animal, or a part of the landscape of Mother Earth.

In turn, Mother Earth radiates Loving Energy constantly to us, although we may not recognize it in a human capacity.

The key is our ability to create, send and receive electromagnetic fields with as much force as a tidal wave or be only a hardly noticed tiny trickle.

This connection and exchange constantly occur within and around us, mostly below our daily mental focus.

Love is a harmonic frequency that reaches out from our hearts and creates an attractor field that allows us to communicate what we feel in every moment.

“Attractor fields define our lives: emotions attract like emotions, like behaviors, and like outcomes.”

-Dr. R. Kurt Ebert

When we lose our ability to feel our Loving Energy, we become confused and tend to withdraw from anything that ignites a feeling of wholeness within us. Our internal process begins to allow our negative emotions to overcome us.

All of this is key to a better relationship with us and everyone we may encounter daily.

Harmony within our heart creates a greater electromagnetic field than our brain, allowing the human body to function at a greater capacity and balance.

The key to our future generations is to learn more about our Heart Resonance and understand how it is so much more than taught to believe as children and adults.



Without loving energy, we are empty

and constantly looking for wholeness

Let us pause for a moment and take a deep breath

As we pause for only a moment, there is a pulsing

A pulsing that allows us to breathe and live here

Silently send gratitude to that constant heart rhythm

This energy that it creates and emits and connects

not only what is within us at all levels

It connects us to the worldwide web of all living things

Remove any boundaries you may find arising

and send your Love without fear to experience

the power you truly have within and around you

Without Love Energy, you cannot say I Love You.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.11.23

Written for Global Heart Team