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Transformational Presence

Transformation appears in many cultures and their sacred teachings.

Presence is put as showing up.

What am I showing up for today?

What if I choose renewal and celebration?

“Feel it, Bless it, Release it.”- David Pond

The full moon eclipse and 5 5 Gateway allow us to clear away what is no longer serving our Highest Self.

Maya, the Hindu goddess of creation, may ask us to face our fears, heal old traumas, and increase our energy to redistribute or redirect it to allow us to help humanity embrace the importance of Peace, Light, and Love in all life.

The dimensional doorways are opened to higher levels to assist us with healing our self-love and self-esteem as well as feeling worthy.

Thinking clearly and positively is the key that opens our hearts to allow us to ascend and access the radionic energies necessary to dissolve the haywire vibrations or wounds that keep us from trusting our transformation.

May each of us clean and clear out our memories that diminished our potential for happiness and self-empowerment.

We know from our hearts that happiness and joy are keys to truth and transformation.

Through this profound observation, we challenge and transmute our ancestral genetic trauma and our own.

Each threshold we cross on this journey reminds us that we are returning to our sovereign self… the divine being that each of us is.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.5.23t