Artwork – Jennifer Ravsten / Poem – Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6-7-11
Synergy 14 ~ Love

There are times when I write and just don’t have an idea that seems to be fitting to showcase the words; when this occurs I usually place them in a folder named Musings or Unfinished Work. They become a part of a collection that doesn’t get read or seen and so their energy is not dispersed, the seeds that are left on the shelf.

This verse is an example which has now been transformed by Jennifer Ravsten who started a Facebook page ~ஐ~Artworks~ஐ~….The purpose and hope of this page is to promote all artistic forms, to feature artists and give them a place to discuss their individual talents. We want only original music, art, writing, video and any other creative medium available to shine on this page. It is for Creative Minds At Work!

I have created many times in response to another poet’s work and or taken pictures, artwork, or videos and placed with my own as inspirations which work both ways. This is the first time where it has been an intentional collaboration and I am looking forward to more.

Thank you Jennifer!