SE Maine Coast, Ogunquit – © cRb 2012
There upon the rocky shore
wave after wonder filled wave
each drop collected in the whole
is dispersed and collected again
creating sights and sounds
of transformation and ascension
let us be like the waves
gently accepting our roles
in the never ending story.
cRb 10.2.12

♥      ♥♥       ♥
We are sometimes at a point as our human selves that we question whether or not what we do is enough. Then we are told that the amount is not as important as the doing…
D isarming
O ur
I nterdimensional
N egative
G enerators
cRb 10.4.12
 ♥      ♥♥       ♥
Love always flows forth 
yet it is not always received.
It can be blocked or rejected 
but never stopped.
As the cause of our creation is Love 

then so too is the effect.
We can only deny its existence 
and in turn create 
emptiness and sorrow.
cRb 10.5.12
Bermuda©cRb 2011
What but the mind dangles the keys to call us back into illusion like the siren’s call?

There is no healing of separation for it is the master key of illusion, we must leave the illusion of this dimension behind and the beliefs that support them.  

The unity of oneself is in the heart where Joy abides in silent and eternal harmonic balance from which we have wandered and now return; as its unifying vibration rises from the core of our conscious existence we remember and become confused, but for a short while.

Love without conditions is our natural state of creation and we have been lulled to sleep only to awaken once more in full glory. For We have given away our power to listen to the heart, and this is but for a moment, although it be lifetime after lifetime.
Let us not heal but awaken to the reality that we were never not whole, never separated, except by stories which once revealed as such have no power to enslave us, but our own willingness to believe them.
cRb 10.8.12
Boulter Pond, York Maine ©cRb 2012

Just planting the seeds of Love… A friend asked me the other day why do people like me continue to do so many things without asking for anything in return. So without going into a long explanation I just replied… It is about sharing the abundance in a world that believes in lack, that my receipt will be generations in the future when humanity lives in peace and harmony. So I thank you and everyone who steps into their present lifetime to change the future and although the seeds are small the fruit they will bring, will be as water to the thirsty.
cRb 10.11.12
©cRb 2012
We are but seeds of Love
Awakening in Time
Constantly seeking
The Light which nourishes us
The darkness of our germination
Now has come to an end
We reach out to the pollinators
That we may blossom and flourish
Bringing forth Peace and Love
cRb 10.11.12
♥      ♥♥       ♥
Beautiful Souls like the strings of a well tuned guitar
wait to be played by the fingertips of one whose heart can only be in harmony with both the past and the future never knowing whom will be transformed by the experience and in that moment both become as one without judgment unified throughout all dimensions, eternally present in the moment.
Written while listening to

cRb 10.14.12

♥      ♥♥       ♥
morning has broken
singing a new song
opening ceremonies for a new way
cRb 10.16.12

Reflecting inward
I shed Light on the unbalance 
within my perceptions of the past…
regardless of form.
 Reflecting outward
 I Am the Light 
that releases those perceptions.
cRb 10.22.12
Morning glow
fire in the East
fill our hearts with Hope
Wave upon wave
wash us in your glory
fill our minds with Love
Here in the harmony
between shore and sky
fill us with Peace
Oh Divine Light
fire of our souls
spill forth
dispelling the darkness
filling us with thy Grace
cRb 10.23.12
Grasp us in talons of awakening
freeing our hearts of mortal fears
most ancient Spirit Warrior
Swiftly diving between
the waves and glorious Sun
there is no time for Sorrow

And from our wanderings
through Death and Change
released in Joy we soar
cRb 10.25.12
♥      ♥♥       ♥

It is the dance
between Light
and Shadow

that keeps us
seeking ourselves
in the mirror
O what Joy to find
we are here…
cRb 10.27.12
♥      ♥♥       ♥
Within the heart of each of us 
is an ever small but constant flame
which in moments of passion 
becomes a raging blaze
it is not the breathing of fresh oxygen
which creates a volatile inferno
but the constant refueling with gasoline
cRb 10.28.12


With each birthday
we look again
into the mirror
and we recognize
the changes
Yet without judgment
nothing happened
for there we are
that sparkle of light
that shines on
cRb 10.29.12

Hurricane Sandy, October 2012

After Sandy
In the after-waves of a spiraling vortex
the breath is allowed to relax again
where once apprehension and fear arose
there now is release and attraction
Forces beyond our control remind us
how we are a part of a cycle of wholeness
much larger than we can scientifically prove
where we are very tiny molecules in transition
Our communal interaction of interdependence
constantly adapts to the external forces
and our transformation has no option but to happen
without having to be aware the shift has occurred
There in the wake we recalibrate our energy
ascending the spiral as far as comfortable
our physical being now only a braking system
until there is no more fear of change

Brighter and quicker become the thoughts

which jettison the old paradigm behind us
and we become free to explore our universality
in the many dimensions of our One Heart.
cRb 10.30.12
Along York River ©cRb 2012
Samhain 2012
The turning wheel
from Light to Dark
summons us all
with song of Lark
With thankful heart
we gather together
the bone fires lit
now and forever
Apples we place
with food and ale
and turnips carved
all around the vale

Fear not young soul

on Samhain Eve
for none shall harm
those that believe

There is no death

which once a year
can stop us all
from gathering here.
cRb 10.31.12