Crystalline Light

As part of my new blog experience I will be sharing parts of my journey through the Shift/Ascension process as they come to me. Usually they are inspired by many of you and contain information that may assist others to understand their own experiences…

We are all experiencing this. The important thing for me is to remember that what we perceived as normal has now taken on new vibrations. My mind is not always open to the new vibratory stimuli and it will search for a label to place on it that will pacify it.

Many of the issues we are experiencing are in complete accord with the shifting of energies throughout our cosmological/dimensional beingness.
The separation between source and subject is thinning, so to speak, and we are ever more alert to the energy shifts.

The alignment of the individual is the alignment of the collective and so if we deny it within, we also deny without. Hence it is our keen sensing ability that is being honed to a razor sharp edge, where we are better able to discern the flows much earlier and not become confused with the answers that the mind sends us. Confirming that indeed we are and need to, listen to what our higher sensory Self is patiently assisting us in receiving.

It is for me a clarity, while sometimes uncomfortable, quite exciting as well. The physical aspects need to be addressed if perceived to be harmful or produce excessive pain for an extended period of time as the biological body generates it’s own vibratory fields and can interfere with the assimilation of the crystalline.

This is due to the fact that the new energies are modifying the biological just as we see the world around us being affected by the GMO’s.

I feel this is where we need to really pay attention and observe without judgment or assumption; for as humans we will never be genetically the same one way or another.

Remaining open to what we call Spirit or Higher Self to guide us we will make the shift/ascension. There will always be those who do not and we must remember that extinction is not necessarily the end of anything but just the removal from one, time plane, construct.