Kelly Lynn Poem 2

It is indeed a magical time and this Synergetic Collaboration is a confirmation that we are there.
The heart resonating words of Kelly Lynn and an amazing photo of Sun Dog rays by myself, embrace the energies that she has chosen to remind us of.

Without any intentions other than to express, Kelly had posted this poem and I, when I read it immediately saw my picture as a reflection of what she was expressing. Upon asking her permission she wholeheartedly agreed to fuse the energies of both our visions for all to resonate with.

At the threshold
of a New Age,
the Light simply changed,
not of its nature
but in its glow
of all things
still so much the same,
yet brighter,
more lovely,
like the dancing
tip of a candle flame
intense with the force of heat,
yet elegant and graceful
in a mesmerizing blaze
is like the beating
heart of Light
at the threshold
of a New Age,
intense with the Force of Love,
elegant and graceful
with the glowing and blazing touch
of magical and mystical change.

Verse ~ Kelly Lynn
Photo ~ Charlie Riverman Bergeron

We each ask that you share it freely if you are so moved.
From our hearts to yours and with Peace, Light and Love