Have no fear

How wonderful to arise and have a sense of peacefulness without knowing why. All agendas having been placed aside and a knowing that all will be accomplished without frustration.

The past weeks now have taken their energetic toll on many and continue to play out. Large amounts of releasing which can rattle the fear syndrome in us all have brought many to prayer and asking for healing. My own drama has been slight, yet I too, sense a separating of that which no longer serves from a purpose which I Am not totally aware of yet.

So these words came to me this morning triggered by the phrase… Have No Fear.
How appropriate!

The Earth and all inhabitants of this 3rd Dimension are being released from past agreements and beliefs in order to co-create a better balanced and more unified field of consciousness.

Have no fear
Nor resistance
To the flow
Which delivers
The Freedom
Of our Souls

The stillness
Which is frightening
Is the Pool of Peace
From which
All intentions arise

cRb 5.6.15