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Bunny's Pond

This morning I was reminded of how each of us are always flirting with the edge of the unknown as we move through these tenuous timelines of our evolution. Running up to it and looking to see if our fears are justified and withdrawing not quite ready to leap…

Yes… come to the edge
for the transformation
begins here
let go of all the fears
for they
are what make you fall

As I thought of finding a picture to express this I was reminded of this one taken by a woman whose young daughter was taking her last breaths and this was a quiet pond at the hospital.

My words then are perhaps applicable too …

drifting slowly
through the reflected vision
each and every moment
precious to behold
two worlds revealed
could there be more
yes dear child
as many as the shapes
and patterns before your eyes
each one a lovingly
part of the other
wherein if we let go
we become another


(Thank you Bunny and SB for allowing my heart to resonate with yours if only for a short while.)