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When we are asked to describe ourselves and our purpose here, there is always a moment of disconnect. A place we find that is filled with uncertainty and of doubtfulness.

Yet it is a question that many of us never have to answer in public, to an audience which you may never meet, yet will take your answer and reflect it upon themselves. Somehow they will be seeking their own meaning which may not be anything like the one they just heard.

I will be re-introduced tomorrow to an Internet Radio Audience on which I have appeared several times over the past year or so. The world has heard me speak much as I write as Charlie Riverman Bergeron, an Earth Angel.

I found these words I wrote some time ago and a picture of flowers in community at various stages of their existence, much like us.
Can you begin to imagine yourselves as Earth Angels or is that too far from your perception of being realistic.

Each of us are unique…

Just beginning to open
Young and beautiful
Older and a bit tattered

Let’s rewrite
the meanings of our words
to encompass and reflect
who we truly are

Fabulous =

F riendly
A ssertive
B ubbly
U nusual
L oving
O ptimistic
U nderstanding
S ouls


Unfolding Journey of an Earth Angel on Circle of Hearts Radio with Allayah Frisch – OMTimes Radio