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Many who know me personally tolerate that I love to play with words… to mix and match meanings and interpretations in my own ways. To get us to reach out of the box of that we are programmed into and experience them in our raw innocence.

So as I was editing this photo I wanted to make it more Vivid and bring out its true Awesomeness and reached a point where it was too much. There was a point of where the vibrations of it were distorted and uncomfortable.

I reflect now on those very descriptive words which we use but sometimes fail to embody for ourselves yet attach to things outside of us…

When Vividness appears in our life
it is a reminder to participate
if only for a fleeting moment
in the Awesomeness of being alive

It is this Essence within us
that we tend to shy away from
lest we draw too much attention
as if being Awesome is to be kept hidden

We find ourselves feeling awkward
not expressing our true emotions
accepting a somewhat diminished self
in a world of our misunderstanding

Let Us Be about embracing our authenticity…
Our evocative, detailed and stimulating Self
whose powerful, stirring and sometimes haunting Self
brings both wonderment and fear to others

Let us Be Vivid
Let us Be Awesome
Let us also know when we have gone too far.

cRb 2.10.16