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message to self

Oh this journey we call Life is always a little mysterious.
I found this note to myself last week and proceeded to place the words with the picture as a metaphor of how we look at a distant horizon that is front of us and it appears to create a separation.

Message to self…
Each of us is always facing into the unknown and we are so much more comfortable viewing it, rather than exploring it.
Let us be the ones who choose to adapt to the unknown without fear or sense of loss, knowing it is our purpose to do so.
We are the seeds of the future; rejoice and create in the unknown,
it is the only place we truly flourish.

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That which is closest to us
appears more comfortable
and approachable
while that distant focusing
requires imagination
and appears empty,
void of substance

Our comfort is relative
to the choices we make…
created from mind we can rationalize
yet coming forth from the heart
they are like seeds,
tiny capsules not yet realized
with so many different options
to perceive their unfolding beauty

Let us place them on the horizon
to become the unknown choice
allowing all of creation to participate
in nurturing into existence
that Self which has no boundaries
without separation, empty of fear
knowing only purpose and service

The seed of Our Evolution…