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The evening before my talk, I pulled a Sacred Space Meditation Card created by Elinor Von Linden to ask what to speak about.

The card was…
My destiny is to remember my divinity; my free will and God’s are one and the same.

If we can remember the beings of light and love that we are, then there will be no more prejudice, judgment, control, sadness, separation, and war.

Today I will remember.

Let the Love Flow

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So on arising I begin to seek confirmations and a video about Water Memory was front and center as I tuned in to Social Media.

 REMEMBERING… that without water there is no memory because there is no life.

Right now we have many diseases which are affecting remembering and the whole process of memory.

Water Always Flows

Evolution requires memory or we repeat certain functions lifetime after lifetime and never get beyond a certain level of existence.

It is a part of our Genetic Coding of DNA.

As  for me, I have had memory issues due to what is now called a TBI for ‘Traumatic Brain Injury’ which occurred 27 years ago in a motorcycle accident. So remembering short term information has been a very big challenge.

What are you remembering???

When we go into search mode we are activating the brain and many parts of the body to open and release information. Sounds like your computer doesn’t it?

Well it is the original computer system and we are now seeing that the world around us is working on a new artificial one that robotic engineers are trying to program with emotions so that it will interfaced easily with humanity.

SO once again what are you remembering because as I write these notes I seem to be wandering far away from what I thought I would talk about. So here is a perfect example of my memory loss issues.

Without certain aspects of our memory we can become either lost or extremely clairvoyant.

Hearts not Minds

We need to return to remembering …

Remembering is more than just a casual aspect of daily life … it is a key factor in both our survival and emotional experience.

What we choose to remember and what we choose to stuff away in the memory banks for later retrieval, can become responsible, for all of our actions and interactions with each other.

If we begin to become more aware of what we are remembering we are more likely to find memories that are painful which need releasing. This is because of the energetic charge with which they were stored… Fear.

Right now in the world there are more painful memories being triggered by fear of all kinds and as that happens humans become withdrawn and judgmental.

So we are at a point where we need more than ever to remember these painful experiences and come to terms with them as not serving us on some level.


It is not about denying our memories but revisiting them and making a new decision that aligns with our True Sovereign Self

Our Sovereignty is within us and can only be forgotten not taken away or destroyed.

So we are now entering a phase of our evolution where our sovereignty is now being called forth and we are trying to remember what that looks and feels like.

Each one of us is unique and yet our sovereignty does not override each other as a power but integrates and enriches each other to become something more regenerative rather than destructive.