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Emerging From the Darkness

Emerging From the Darkness

Arising at 6:29 the message of the numbers revolved around
Gratitude and Grace
Balance and Harmony
Life Purpose and Soul Mission
Endings and Conclusions

How sweet that it reminds me of the 4 directions which I see this morning as…

The East and the Rising Sun Gracing us with new opportunities to be Grateful for
The South Balancing us as We seek a New Harmonic Frequency of Living Grace
The West and Our Ancestors encouraging us to continue on our Divine Paths as Elders of the New Humanity
The North always reminding us of how in Our Evolutionary Path We must always follow the Light which leads us out of the Darkness

We are in this quiet space now as the we move into the year 2020 in which the opportunities to re-create everything in Our Lives is being given a golden opportunity.

Our collective consciousness is seeking restoration from the challenges and suffering that the darkness has surrounded and enclosed us in.

Empress of the Pearl
from the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild is a card that comes up fairly often …
10 Empress Of The Pearl

It is a constant reminder of how Pearls begin in a dark place as an irritant to its living host. Yet when removed from the oyster they become a sought after treasure.
We are much like this right now and are being sought after by those who will recognize our true value as a gift to each other instead of being an irritant.

The main message of the card is
“You have an inner gift of great value, born of struggle, adversity and challenge. In wisdom you know that suffering can lead to growth provided we are willing to search for a way to heal through it. Seeing challenges as ways to expand your spiritual light empowers you to focus on the growing light, rather than getting caught up in suffering.” Alana Fairchild

So as we embrace the message of the Pearl I pose a question for you all…

How will You Be Seen in 2020?

Not just by others but from within your own Heart.

Gregg Braden has a message in his book Spontaneous Healing of Belief
“We are All “watchers”
And based on the quantum fact that just by being discovered and watched more intensely, We can radically change the behavior of all particles being observed.

2020 is offering us more Light to to see ourselves and therefore “radically change” everything in Our Life Experience.


As WE change so too does everything that interacts with us.

WE Are The Change We Have Been Waiting For is not just a slogan of of a past era.
It is the moment We are now collectively entering into.

So as We prepare ourselves
for this major and dynamic shift
in all of our behaviors,
let us also honor
the preciousness of each Pearl
We encounter as
We emerge from the darkness.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.27.19