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Today I ask each of you who read this to journey deep within yourself,
to seek for a better way to live.

A way to live in a world where we have moved beyond celebrating moments,
in which we have killed and are still killing millions of innocent people.

Let us seek to respect each other rather than control each other.

Let us recognize ourselves in each other and not be intolerant.

Let us redefine our world to truly be one of balance in all aspects of life.

We can then begin the journey to practice this in our everyday lives,
without waving flags or fireworks which remind us,
of the violence created in the past and continued in the now.

We are born into this World of Abundance to be One with it not separate from it.

We cry for Independence yet fail to recognize it in each other.

To recognize that all acts of violence regardless of how small or seemingly insignificant, are based on issues within our own denial of Our True Sovereignty, which seeks only Unity and Harmony.

Freedom from Fear is the true liberation we need to seek.

cRb 2016