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Earthangel Riverman

Handmade Earth Angel Pin created by Greywing, who saw me as such and bestowed upon me the name Riverman.

In 1991 I had what is termed a Near Death Experience which was just being seriously studied, as more people were becoming aware that they had a profound shift in their everyday lives and were willing to talk about them.

I invite you to explore my yourlisten page…
Charlie Riverman Bergeron @ yourlisten

Where you can hear me explain my story and shows which I have been asked to participate on, as well as my poetry in spoken form.

There will be more coming forth as I begin to feel more comfortable with my public sharing.

I ask that each of you allow what resonates with your heart and to leave the rest; as there are many of us who perceive things quite differently after these experiences.

My future recordings will be listed under the MP3 Recordings category as they are uploaded.

Blessings of Peace, Light and Love