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The Earth turning away from the Sun on July 4th 2016

An amazing journey of a week has now been logged into our collective minds here in the United States. One in which we have been emotionally charged in so many ways that it is challenging to put it all into words.

I chose this picture as a reflection of how many of us now feel…

Somewhat alone and vulnerable
caught in plain view
between deepening shadows
and the beauty of distant light

Here we transform our lives
in the glowing embrace
of all that is rapidly unfolding

The flames which ignite us
are not those which destroy us
but those which resonate
deep within our hearts

They begin with a sense of hope
in which each of us awaken
to the deeper and more loving self

To stand tall as the beautiful tree
above all that is seen and unseen
as a testimony of our strength
and our true compassion for each other

Not only witnessing the sunset
yet looking forward to the sunrise
of a New Beginning of Unity

Within Ourselves

cRb 7.10.16