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Vibrational Transformation

Good morning and welcome to this fantastic world that is rapidly filling with new vibrational frequencies.

Each of us may be feeling a bit disoriented lately, having just experienced a year in which our lives changed so dramatically.

When we think about this year as a year of transformation rather than a lockdown, we may begin to understand what we might be feeling on many inner levels of our physical experience.

The emotional frequencies that we are still rapidly moving through, have radically opened what I call gateways within our energetic physicality. Our teachings and understanding have led us off course, and for many now, this is a well-needed course correction.

There is nothing to fear in this process, yet we cannot be blind to it. What is coming into your conscious awareness from within is there now to be released.

The experience is not unlike the volcanoes of Mother Earth but hopefully with much more damage control.

Our Inner Waters are shifting as well to stabilize the energies of higher frequencies, so if you feel a little seasick at times, do not be alarmed.

The many physical symptoms we are moving through help us become more aware, more aligned with the new energies that our beloved Mother Earth is receiving and generating because of a significant cosmic shifting.

It all may seem strange or alarming for many, yet it is a natural cycling process throughout the much larger Cosmos, of which we are one small particle.

My guides are always confirming that we are to accept rather than calculate all of this.

Delving into the root causes of the process will not help us adjust to it or become more fully aligned within it.

This message is not to alarm anyone; it is instead to invite everyone to find a place in their locality where they can sit in peaceful Heart Resonance with Mother Earth.

When we honestly think of planet earth as our mother, there is a shift in our energy that begins to align with a much larger and cosmic frequency.

For those who have had negative experiences with their human mothers, this may become a challenge.

My words to you would be to be gentle with yourself and learn to trust your own Heart at a much deeper level.

As Mother Earth receives new energies and processes them within herself, all new energies will be sent through Her new crystalline gridlines that so many have been co-creating and reconnecting.

Your entire understanding of crystalline gridlines is not needed as much as your awareness that both the past and future only exist as a thought-form.

Your CenterPoint for all gridwork is always your Heart.

When we fully open and engage our Heart, all energy flows in alignment to create harmony and balance.

When we constrain or redirect our Heart, the energy is diminished, and distortion becomes prevalent.

We are to remember during this transitional phase, there will be those of you who may feel strange within your physical body and your mind; please know that everything is working in synchronicity, not linear modulation.

Whether it is coming from millions of miles out in the universe to the core of Mother Earth or here within Her consciousness, there is no separation between any of us.

The only deterrent to receiving what you exactly need right now is your non-recognition of the frequency within which it is transmitted.

Some keys;

Take more time to honor who you are and learn what is draining energy away from you.

Be brave enough to make the changes that cease that draining action and redirect the energy to what will blossom from your Heart’s new focus.

Heal your energetic grid system with assistance from Mother Earth’s central vortex, which is now being activated at levels beyond our limited comprehension of evolution.

In closing, I offer this reminder;

“The great and glorious center of your heart will burst wide open as if struck by a lightning flash, and you will become the vibration of love, vibration so exalted above the love of human emotion that the languages of the earth do not contain words vivid enough to make comparison.” Ruby Nelson, The Door of Everything

Charlie Riverman Bergeron


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