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Funny how I write and write and don’t ever really keep track of where the words go
My Joy is always in the listening for the next word or phrase to come through in sequence
From that connection to the vastness of our Self which has no boundaries
Then arranging and rearranging them according to some pattern that only I can sense
And letting them loose into the world for others to find perhaps a resonance with
Of course then I find them myself and have long forgotten the moment they came
Questioning myself … Did I write that … Not remembering if not dated and initialed
So I find one of my latest photographs and post it once more…
Just My Words Appearing… Again

And in the Golden Light
we embrace
the field of forever
returning once more
to show our true colors

Yes once more
we hold the patterns
from becoming unwoven
or lost in time

Hearts joined in Oneness
like the Sun
embracing all life
in Love and Balance

cRb 3.23.15