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Morning Light upon water is just so amazing…

Let us just for a moment
stop everything we are doing and sit quietly

let us for another moment
imagine planet Earth turning towards the Sun

let us now imagine
that we are a river of reflecting water

We’re much like the picture above and the few short lines which have briefly taken us out of our human routines. It connects us to a much deeper part of who we truly are on an energetic level.

Most of us fill our days and nights with lots of activity and so we are much like a river, which not only ebbs and flows with the tides, but is constantly flowing from its source to becoming unified, with the whole of the ocean.

For most of the time we exist here, we are unconscious to the greater whole of which we are part. Constantly evaporating as the Light Energy of the Sun transmutes us and returns us to enrich all life forms we encounter once again.

Let us just for a moment
remember that We Are Light

let us for another moment
also remember that We Are Water

let us now remember
that there is no separation
between the Water and the Light we are

The Water We Are
contains the Light We Are

and in that Awareness

We Are Liquid Light
One Ocean of Source Energy

cRb 2016