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In preparing for a show in which we will talk about Authenticity this message was recorded as I drove to Tai Chi class on the previous morning…

Elders Speak – Allayah and Charlie – Heart to Soul Talks
Airing Sunday, 25 September 2016, 2:00 PM ET
Elders Speak Show

How do we describe authenticity?

For me it is my true self, the self when I’m alone self, when there’s nobody else around self, that comes out in the shower, the self that wakes up in the morning, the self that doesn’t always openly express all that it feels, sees or hears, yet knows beyond a doubt what it was never really taught self.
Authenticity is a place, of knowing yourself on a level that is not human.

So that is what authenticity means for me.

We have been taught since our birth to temper, alter, or not say exactly what we feel, because we might offend somebody, or somebody won’t like us or we will cause trouble for ourselves.

A thousand reasons most of which are in violation of our authenticity. Who we are or rather who we were as children is closer to the truth of who we are in authenticity than we have ever been again in our lives.

So as I think about the word authenticity it is about becoming more childlike in many ways but not in the sense of innocence or joyfulness. It is the freedom to think or feel anything we wanted as an individual human, in the sense of we didn’t have any fear of our thoughts.

Fear of our thoughts is perhaps one of the biggest roadblocks of our existence and our authenticity.

To be authentic we have to learn to discern our thoughts, to listen to our thoughts, to ascertain which ones come from an external source and those arising from an internal or other dimensional part of ourselves.

So to be authentic we need to listen… Listening and Authenticity go hand in hand!

Never before have we needed to listen more closely, not to the mind chatter, not to the world outside of us, but to the voice within our heart not our head.

People say, “Well you don’t have a voice in your heart!”, and I tell you that you do. It comes from your heart when you stay out of the head that is floating around with all that information.

It’s like wandering around a library with millions and millions of books, billions and trillions of bits of information, all valid and cohesive to some extent, all related to something but very overwhelming and very impersonal. They are very distant and they are not part of us on some level, there but not here.

So who are we that are in this library of information and is it correct or has it been designed, stored and filtered to represent something which may not be true in some way, shape or manner and how do we discern that.

In order to discern fact or truth the human mind needs something to compare things to.  When we compare truths of different human cultures there are many discrepancies. Each one claiming authenticity and willing to defend it as being reality.

This is what authenticity brings up for me!

Somewhere beyond words and storytelling the truth of us remains unchanged and only through the heart can we access that.

I’m going to share a bit of my near-death experience here.

I had returned with my memory human memory altered and I can say today that I know at the moment I chose to return here I made an agreement to have that done.

Now that sounds totally crazy to people when I say that, yet I know in my heart that is the truth.  In my head it makes no sense nor can I fully explain, but in my heart it is a reality.

When I say things like that to people they want me to defend or explain, some with serious intent others not so kindly. So automatically in years past, I would go into this sort of defensive mode because I would become a little child again who saw a little being in the bushes and somebody would say oh no that’s just your imagination. Perhaps it was in my child’s mind and it was my imagination, but then I didn’t have any concept of either choice.

What I saw and what I felt, was what I saw and what I felt.

It didn’t matter whether it came from my imagination or from a place of reality because the line between the two wasn’t in existence for me.

Eventually a wall had been built through shaming and programming.  The wall being built between what is real and what is not real and based on someone wanting us to do something for them and to comply or be ridiculed or punished.

We train Children to do things perhaps innocently and then perhaps in our own lack of authenticity. They, want to respond like a dog when you train them to do things.

What if we no longer found it acceptable for the dog to give you his paw. What was that all about? No there is no reason why a dog needs to give you its paw other than to exercise the fact that you, on some level in your ego mind can pat yourself on the back and say look what I’ve done. I trained the dog! How good am I?
Many of us as children were also trained in this manner.

Well, let us take a look around the world today. How good are we?
Take a look at how our ego is feeling today. I would guess we’re a little bit upset, I’ll bet feeling a little bit angry. When we’re upset or angry, the first thing we do is we look outside of ourselves and say to someone else it’s your fault , always pointing to something other than ourselves.

So as a direct result of not being authentic we then give our power away through anger and resentment and we also give our sense of responsibility away. When we lose our sense of sovereignty we have given everything away.

When we look out at the world, it is what we were taught, giving it away to the point where our authenticity is no longer validated.

This doesn’t mean we stop giving but we don’t give away until the point of being completely depleted. With the all that is happening in the world right now it can be gone tomorrow and this is a reality.

What else is real is the energy you are.

That spirit energy, that knowingness beyond the teaching, beyond the program, that Authentic Self that challenges everything and can look at all of life from a completely different aspect.

In which case you start to discern who you are authentically, from who you have been told you need to be.

I can promise you, that when you start to become authentic your whole world view will change, your whole personal view on relationships will change, everything you think about, and act upon will change.

I’m going to tell you that it’s not always pleasant, but I will be the highest and most rewarding experience of your present life, getting to know who you are authentically.

I’m going to tell you many times that it’s not going to be what you thought in the beginning.

I had written down some of my thoughts from when I first came back from my death experience and in looking back now many are still the same. They are much less confusing yet still quite fragmented.

Where were those words coming from, who was speaking, is it Angels, Guardians, God?

Who keeps bringing me these messages?

The ultimate truth of that is that it was me all the time.
My Authentic Self which can never be separated again