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Your Personal Independence Day
Hello all… I’m posting this a bit late as the amazing energies we are moving through and incorporating within our own physical vehicles has been a bit overwhelming at times.

These were my show notes as I felt into the larger field of my conscious awareness…

Your Personal Independence Day

Having just celebrated Independence Day here in the United States on July 4th reminded me of how timid everyone is to break free of the concepts of life, which hold all of us captives in a paradigm which has truly not been sustainable.

Mostly because it is based on subjugation in one or more forms.

Take a deep breath and relax into that


I wrote a message to myself over 25 years ago when I did not have any concept of what had just happened to me after a motorcycle accident in which I died and returned to my body.

It was like being a “stranger in a strange land” which is actually a biblical quote
Exodus 2:22 and Moses’s reflections on fleeing Egypt
“For he said, I have been a stranger in a strange land.”

Interestingly enough Moses’ first son was named Gershom meaning “sojourner” which is defined as to live temporarily.

So here I was reborn so to speak “a sojourner” into the same body with quite a different viewpoint of all I humanly knew before the accident.
And so, I wrote these words below before I was given the name Riverman…
when I was just trying to sort out all that I was experiencing and especially the enrgy of it all.

Everyday Is an Adventure
It can be your Wildest Fantasy
Or your Worst Nightmare
…”You” choose…
Your Wildest Fantasy is a limited thought
And you Worst Nightmare is just an Illusion
~ Charlie Riverman Bergeron

Take a deep breath and relax into that

Everday Adventure May2014

So the topic of Your Personal Independence Day hit me this morning in a text conversation with a friend who has watched me speak my truth and understanding, only to find himself become more truthful within himself.

I’m now being reminded of Janis Joplin whose lyrics still resonate in my ears from my youthful days.
“Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose
Nothin’, don’t mean nothin’ hon’ if it ain’t free, no no”

So with that said…

How can each of us free ourselves from thoughts and ideas which have been fed to us by those who wish to control us without creating another war in which they profit even more.

Here are the links and you can always join me on Friday mornings live on Humanity Healing Facebook.

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