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Such is the nature of Maple
whose green shade in Summer
allows for gentle breezes to flow
creating lazy afternoons in lawn chairs

First came the changing colors
the inner knowing of a cycle
calling itself back to center
releasing the extension of itself

From Red to Orange and Yellow
softly falling to blanket the lawn
increasing volume with the weather
so suitable for inner water to move

The long drought of the season
perhaps was uncomfortable
yet her fireworks display
is a spectacular testimony to us all

As we also move through the seasons
our water flows to uplift us
and in return retracts on silent cue
to timelines we each create within us

Perhaps we too are thirsty
and calling ourselves back
into the roots of ourselves
to rest and unite within our hearts

One cycle completes as another begins
and so the rings of our inner planes
expand and regenerate in worldly rhythm
in accordance with ancient protocols

cRb 10.23.16