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To the Bullies of the world… I see you, I have always seen you.

When you made fun of me
When you robbed me
When you molested me
When you threatened me
When you beat me up

I still see you parading as though you have all the right in the world to be mean and uncaring.

However… what I really see, is the damaged little child that hides in your heart.

Who was neglected
Who was sexually abused
Who suffered hunger
Who became broken

I have fought you
I have hated you
I have outed you
and yet you still remain while I have changed

I do not fear you, or your behaviors as I now recognize them as a cry for help
For your pain is far greater than mine

You will never understand Love and Compassion
You will never understand Unity and Lovingkindness
You will always be separated from who you truly are

Deeply lost in your secret hiding place
from where you throw out your destructive
and violent self-hatred energy

Hoping that someday it will empty
and you will be able to feel loved

I can Love You
but I don’t have to be near you
or be your victim
and nothing you can do can stop me

For you show me how to be thankful
that I am … not you

and so my wish for you is…

May your heart open ever so slightly
and allow Peace, Light and Love
to seep ever so gently into it
that I May welcome you back from your Hell

cRb 11.21.16