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How beautiful you are!
How utterly amazing and brilliant you are!

Shining Your Light is a topic that I find myself continually processing in my own daily life. Many people ask, what does that really mean, and I find myself answering in many ways depending on whom I may be speaking to.

Light is the energetic essence behind all life as I perceive it. It is the source of our being which we have named in so many ways, creating religions around it and without which, life as we know it in human form would not be possible. It is both Star energy and Galactic energy which is definable only to which point our limitations allow us to understand. Yes, we are Galactic beings who live in a dimensional frequency which has limitations. We know and overcome these only through our ability to discern by comparison and integration at our human level.

Light however is the essence behind all of our actions. When our actions are guided through the conscious mind of what we call awareness, they are filtered according to life experience or genetic memory, which comes to us through the DNA of our ancestors. This means that our Light is filtered through a collective awareness of past experiences in which all humanity have recorded and passed many of their fragments, both positive and negative, on to the current generations.

We also filter Our Light in accordance to the collective energy fields in which it is broadcast within at any given moment. So we find ourselves feeling many different levels of intensity based on our timeline experiences and environments, both personally and globally.

This brings me to the current situations that are happening around the world today, not just in America but in every human gathering. There is much anger and hatred, pain and suffering, hunger and abuse, as well as erratic leadership which is being fueled at an accelerated rate, beyond which our global humanity has ever experienced before. The individual instances or perpetrators are not needed to be named or blamed, yet we need to realize that they are a part of the whole which has now become extremely unbalanced.

This is where Shining Your Light comes in…

We have been told and made to believe that our power is limited, that we need a leader, that if we were left to our own devices we would not survive. This is not the truth, but an agreement our ancestors made to live by, out of fear. It is no longer able to sustain itself as a viable concept anymore as more awaken to the Light They Are.

Yes, you feel it as it begins to flow through your heart. It cannot be denied once you understand what it is. It is you at another dimensional level of yourself, entering into your physical presence and directing you to open your heart, in spite of your fear.

Each of us are a powerful Ray of Light which has the capacity to change and transmute anything and everything it comes into contact with, through our collective unification and alignment. As we align with each other and let go of our judgment which precedes fear,  Our Light begins to quantify. When we direct it in harmony and balance towards any negative, self-limiting or globally destructive behavior, it dis-empowers that energy and transmutes it.

Many Rays As One…

Mother Earth needs Your Light right now!
She is evolving just as we are evolving and it is Our Light which she is calling for, more so, than the light of the Sun or the Central Sun. It is through each of Us that the birthing of a New Earth will be eased and induced.

So as I reflect upon the transgressions around the world which all serve to distract us from gathering together in Light, it becomes more obvious that the power We Truly Are is what is feared most in this world…

Be Your Light – Shine Your Light
allow it resonate with others who are just beginning to Shine
send it to all the areas or situations that upset you
it is renewable and will increase the more you give

Listen to your Heart for this is your Greatest Light
The Light of Peace
The Light of Love

Many blessings to each of you
I Send You My
Peace, Light and Love

– cRb