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Winter Sun

Where but in the mists of time
where the grayness rises to greet you
can we seize the opportunity
to shed the backpack of life’s burdens

As the fog erodes the snow and ice
here we are freed from the coverlet
of teachings and beliefs of limitation
which no longer serve humanity or Earth

This is the ascension of which I yearn
expanding the wonder of awareness
to encompass the thinner air of elevation
in which the freedom of diversity reigns

A wall of seemingly insurmountable fear
attempts to build itself to block our path
yet there will be no searching for a way around
nor any false prophet to advise or show us the way

We will sit and quietly, allow it to swallow
each and every question how or why
and as the illusions of life disappear into vapor
we become tethered no longer and rise.

cRb 1.21.13