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Let us meditate on the word forgiveness as we become more aware of the world around us.
The World which brings us so many opportunities to forgive.

It can be a great challenge to us all to hold a space open in our hearts for those who appear as threatening or overpowering. Yet it is within our minds that the recognition is made and connected.

So much is made of the process of forgiveness that we tend to believe that it may be impossible. We somehow suffer silently and cannot possibly surrender and release those painful feelings.

Instead we protect and guard our vulnerability and become so vigilant so that we begin to perceive everything as a threat.

Is the World really a threat to us… or only to our perception of it, our belief about it, or is it just our trapped emotional energy held so tightly in our hearts that creates this.

Let us surrender and release a little everyday
Let us begin with ourselves
Let us unlock the shackles of our own prison
Let us begin to Love and Forgive