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Earthangel Riverman

Handmade Earthangel Pin created by Graywing who saw me as such and bestowed upon me the name Riverman.

The energies of 2017 have been just amazing. Yes, some may say with others cringing!

It is really a time to embrace who and what you really feel that you are here to do.

So, I was asked to create a Bio for a book that is being written by a group of amazing people from around the world. Obviously I would be one of them.

Having always relied on others to identify me and actually having a fear of writing about myself, the intense energy we are all experiencing has allowed me to define myself and step out of the shadows of others perceptions.



Earth Angel and Near Death Experiencer

Evolutionary and Transformational Dowser

Planetary Healer and Galactic Energy Conduit

Charlie Riverman’s practices over the past 25 years have included

but are not limited to:

Earth Angel; A Course In Miracles Facilitator; Spiritual Recovery Facilitator; Angelic/Spiritual/ Crystalline Collective Messenger; Usui Reiki Master/Teacher; NPMDT (Shamballa) Master and 13 D Healer; 9 Rites of Munay-Ki (Earthkeeper); Energy/Crystal Grid Creator; Crystal Skull Guardian; Golden Light Dowser; Watershed Guardian and River Blessing Conduit; Spiritually Inspired Poet; and on the more grounded side a Maker of Dowsing Rods; Custom Woodworker and Amateur Photographer.

In 1991 I had what is commonly called a NDE which completely changed the course of my human life. Ending one and beginning another in the same body.

So…First and foremost I Am an Earth Angel and Messenger who has come back to Honor and Serve All Life Forms by transmitting the Source Energy of Peace, Light and Love which I came back from as my Multi-Dimensional Self.
“There are only three things

you need to be concerned about in this lifetime…

PEACE, LIGHT and LOVE, nothing else really matters.”

Remember to:

Live in Peace
Walk in Light
Share in Love


I was given the name “Riverman” by Graywing an Artist/Storyteller who created beaded “Earth Angel” pins at a Bead and Craft Store in Portsmouth NH. I met her through Crowfeather who was there at her store. I was on my mission of promoting Bumper Stickers that I was guided to write and create not too long after my Near Death Experience in 1991.

Crowfeather met me first but was very cautious and aloof about my Energy, so she asked if I would come back and meet her friend Graywing, who would be very interested in meeting me.

Returning for a second visit to meet Graywing there was a Bee flying around me inside the store and she immediately said to me that I was a gatherer. Which at that time made no sense to me but I accepted her as someone who saw me as I truly was in my new energy form.

She then asked Crowfeather to place her hands on mine and describe what she felt. The answer was a powerful flowing river and it was then that she said, “I want you to meet Riverman.”… “I have been waiting for him to appear.”

I was then presented with a special Earth Angel pin which she made in my honor as she had visioned me and had a Medicine Shaman carve a piece of Basalt to protect me. I still wear these during ceremonies and during Healings and Blessings to remind me of my Star Ancestry and balance between the Earth and the Heavens.

Everyday Is An Adventure

It Can Be Your Wildest Fantasy

Or Your Worst Nightmare

…”You” Choose…

Your Wildest Fantasy Is A Limited Thought

And Your Worst Nightmare Is Just An Illusion