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We are sharing now in a most amazing Transmission of Light…

Throughout the Ages and our evolution here as humans we have been ruled by fear which is now transmuting into fearlessness.

Most of our social teachings have enabled us to justify our violence towards each other in order to perpetuate a separation from each other.

“Compassion” is the Equalizing Light which brings us back into Balance, Harmony and Unity as we see ourselves in each other.

Acknowledging its Presence within us we begin to manifest the vision of the True Inner Self and instantly become a radiating force for Peace.

We are now being called forth from our insecurities and many of us now will be seen, yet not at the level of a Princess Diana.

However each of us have that damaged or insecure child which does not know how to respond in sovereignty to a world of beings which seek power and control.
Our True Self Worth needs to be cajoled out from deep within us as the Light it brings forth is begun to be seen and verified, not by others but our insecure self which is also seeking freedom for fear.

Pink Phlox

How you relate to everything around you and within you is more important than what you think you are.

Trust is perhaps our biggest stumbling block to the realization of our Self as a True part of that which we call God. In this there is no separation yet without Faith and Trust we cannot actualize our full potential as God beings.
It is when we drop our guard of constant vigilance for fear triggers that we begin to taste the sweet wines of Grace.
Each of us are now being opened to the abilities we have always had but could not penetrate the interference of our prayerful practices. Mainly due to that fact that our acceptance of duality programming made us blind and deaf to the energies of Love which we truly can embody now.

Creativity should have a playful cadence to it.

So many times we become too deeply entrenched in our purposes that we forget the abundance of support we have from so many dimensions.
I am also being reminded now of how important our rising in love and joy is also activating our throat chakra for the expression of compassion and harmony as we move through the density of our past.

All of us are here now to play our parts in this wonderful scene of Creation in the Cosmic Evolutionary Shift of the Ages.

White Phlox

Yes We Are… “exceptional, beloved and beautiful !

What matters is that each of us begin to truly appreciate who we are as unique sparks of Light in a world of density and destiny.

Every one of your thoughts and movements is a stirring of your destiny in that density.

It is why we need to wake up, embrace ourselves and say Thank You to all aspects of our Self and express them as One Unified Being.

Those whose create absurd beliefs
with the intention to create fear or harm
are those whose own self-worth is so distorted
that they cannot feel love within themselves
and so they project this emptiness
in order to justify their own suffering.

May we all allow the pain of these days
to awaken us to deeper compassion
but choose not the suffering.
For in the suffering they will have accomplished their goal.


One Heart – One Love – Imagine and Dream for we are here now in the most amazing transformation the 3rd dimension will experience for thousands of years

Perhaps we need to turn back the inner clock of the mind to when we were free to use it as the tool of intention and creation for which it is truly to be used.

A time when there were no limits to the images which we would create as we encountered daily life in a world so foreign from whence we came.

Imagination – Imaging – Image… can you see one root of our struggles and the confusion that it continues to create in the world?

Imagine and allow it to align with your Heart

When we allow ourselves to surrender to who we truly are, all suffering passes into nothingness.
It cannot be held at any level of existence in our true presence.

Church Doors

How Divine to awaken to the miracle of creation here in the flesh.

Fully aware and present in Grace.
This Presence of Light which has no equal and beams Peace and Love without limitation. Gathering us all.
May Blessings of this Golden Heart manifest fully within each of us in flawless radiance

The Divine Plan is about Service not Survival for the latter represents an inability to relate or access your True Divine Self.

Can you remember when you were first taught through fear that you might not survive.

Well it is time now to get the blackboard eraser or hit the wipe drive button and surrender yourself to the Fullness of Grace which fully opens your Heart.