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“Matter” by Wojtek Siudmak – http://www.siudmak.fr/

 Where has all my energy gone
silently speaking as if noise is not acceptable
This unusual and deeply rooted sensing
has left me questioning everything

If it is not a depression or lack of drive
whence has it come and wither will it go
for it is deep within the very core
of my physical and mental presence

Even the ability to think is at stake here
as I write to try and capture its meaning
From a dimension of self not affected
by this emotionless human flesh and bone

We are caught between the timelines
comes the message from within
a place of unreasonable instability
where everything and nothing occurs

We are safe and guided but will be weary
so rest as you are being transported
but needed to be dissolved first
in order to make the journey safely

Many will not even notice this present change
for they are too focused on all the chaos
too self-indulged in their plots and plans
maneuvering to safety or survival

Yes it is but a moment in your time
and you will leave behind much of yourself
which is no longer needed or desired
and be enriched greatly with stability