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Grace Mercy Peace

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As I sit here wondering what I will talk about on my next Presence of Light – Facebook live show on Humanity Healing I hear a song about peace and then get drawn to look up “Grace, Mercy and Peace”

I find an article about the 2nd  Letter to Timothy from the Apostle Paul and as I read something calls me to sit deeper with it.

The message is a greeting with a promise of life from God  at a time which was very tumultuous for many and perhaps not unlike what we are experiencing right now.

We have fear mongers even making weather reports sound like warfare which I won’t deny could very well be due to technology and geo-engineering but come on people do we need to feel like nature is attacking us.

Maybe they will come up with another Goddess name to make an acronym of a pro nature terrorist group.
Like GAIA  for Green Autumn Immortals Alliance.

OK I get a little carried away sometimes but…
Everyone just wants to promote Fear these days.

Grace, Mercy and Peace

What does that feel like to you and how many would know it if we encountered it.


So let’s look at them in reverse …

Peace… as the end result and we are experiencing it in fullness.
What would that really feel like… to be peaceful and calm… flowing without agitation

Mercy… to live in a world where compassion and forgiveness was more important than money and stuff

Grace…  I recently wrote a guided water meditation where the words “Sweet Grace” arose out of the waters in which we were gathered.
In that moment there was such a sense of Oneness where the group of us meditating became One Drop of Water

So is Grace really the starting point of our existence here in physical form
to which we are always trying to return but have pushed it so far away that it only looks like a far away haze over the horizon?

What if we each decide that 2018 will be our Year of Grace, Mercy and Peace… what would that look like and what would we do to achieve just a slight forward movement towards that as a goal?

Three more words appeared this morning as I awoke and was reading my emails…
in perfect timing to round out this morning’s little chat


Trust… can we Trust that all is divinely engineered to bring us to instill in us a stable re-connection to who and what we truly are … ending separation?

Commitment… can we make a serious commitment that won’t be washed away with the next high tide of emotional instability?

Expression… let us awaken our expression of the Grace, Mercy and Peace once again here in this dimension of Self and in doing so Let us bring through the Higher Divine aspects of Ourselves back into the center point of all our actions.

So that we may be the radiant Beings of Light we have always been back into the foreground of human existence and by doing so diminish the shadows which have so temporarily encroached on all life forms here on this amazing Planetary Being we call Earth.

Earth Angels gather now

and bring forth your Light
so that All may benefit
the Grace, Mercy and Peace

for the restoration
of the Fullness of Glorious
and Divine Co-Creation

May we fully activate and deepen
our communication with each other

and all that we adore as Sacred

recognizing that the beauty and wonder
which surrounds us in a gentle breath

is the True Water of Life – Grace
expressing itself fully in every moment

May we be the Mercy
that transforms and transmutes
all that is not in alignment
with The Divine Blueprint of Creation

Through our Trusting of that
which emanates from our Hearts
So that Peace will not be buried
beneath the rubble of Greed
and callous behaviors
where separation rules and
true sovereignty has been buried
for thousands of years

May 2018 be Our Year of Resurrection

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.5.18