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Moon Set Eclipse 2018_01_31

On the 31st of January the Loving Waters council and community in partnership with 7 Days of Rest invited all to a special gathering themed…
in deep resonance and honoring of “World Interfaith Harmony Week

The World Interfaith Harmony Week was first proposed at the UN General Assembly on September 23, 2010 and which is observed and been continued since during the 1st week of February.

Loving Waters is a growing community of Water lovers, advocates and guardians uniting together in remembrance of our primary sacred relationship ~ Water as Life. As Water Guardians we celebrate our ONE Water as the source of all life on Earth. We are an educational community bringing broader awareness of our Water as an intelligent living organism to be respected and loved. Our vision is to globally inspire local communities into deeper conversations regarding our vital stewardship and guardian roles of caring for our world’s Water.

Sagamore Creek Message

I as a Council Member share below the video recording of our gathering and invite you to check out our website to find out more about us… our mission and various projects which are deepening as we gently follow the water currents of our hearts.

Loving Waters Website

As well we have a Facebook Page where you can stay informed of our ongoing energy of Love and Support for the Water as well as marvelous messages and others like yourself who are beginning to ask how can I help the water though peaceful and heart based communion.

Loving Waters Facebook

We are usually physically gathering at the waters on the Full Moon for ceremony and an offering of our prayers/blessings and meet virtually on these Water-Heart-Wisdom calls on each New Moon, so this shows how we listen to the Water and respond in service to Her beautiful voice.

Lake Winnipesaukee Blessing.JPG

Below please find the link below to the recording on our YouTube page of this special gathering of water guardians who represent a worldwide and deep inner passion not only for Mother Earth but more specifically Grandmother Water without whom no life would exist.

1.31.18 Full Moon Water Gathering

Please feel free to join/contact us on any of the above sites and meet others who are passionate about Water.

In honor of Dr Masuru Emoto…
I Love You… I Thank You… I Respect You

~Charlie Riverman