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It has been almost a full week now since I was on Humanity Healing expressing this heart talk and I must say that on the personal side it has cleared away some deep resentments within me that I was not able to see exactly how closely they were tied together.

Anyway it is always a joy to share them with whomever might gain some insight into themselves as a result of my sharing.

Video Link @ YouTube

MP3 Replay @ Yourlisten

The talk started out as notes about Speaking Truth…

Planet Earth has reach a point in which the human inhabitants upon its surface have created a global crisis. Fortunately there is only a small percentage which are in charge of this insanity.

The majority however remains asleep in a field of dreams and promises which are never realized due to that ruling minority.

This has been the fate of humanity for centuries.
Nothing new here except the scale at which it is now operating has a more devastating effect on Earth itself.

We might wonder “What is the solution?” and how can we reverse what appears to be insurmountable.

We often think of  a collective solution yet that is only possible if the individuals within that collective align in not just maintaining or sustainable ways but step out into a fully regenerative process.

The first place we need to do this is within our own hearts for as long as we try to think our way out of this we will continue the degradation of humanity and the planet.

So what is a human to do???

Speak from your Higher truth, show up as your Higher Self in all situations.

An activated heart has more influence on collective outcomes. Your words, thoughts and actions create and support realities; use them wisely.

Deny distorted creations and any energetic amplification of those. Remember the So It Is and keep your intentions on track. – Sandra Walter

renounce hatred, anger, fear, and pride

love and respect one another

Let the soul lead, not the ego.
In Helping others We Help ourselves

So in closing let me add a wonderful inspiring Museography I created this week…

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